Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

White Heron’s new theatre building and campus renovations will make the dream of world-class professional theatre complete on Nantucket. Our goal: to create a new cultural and educational center for use not just in the summer, but year-round.

We are in our new home!

We are excited to report that we opened our beautiful new purpose-built theatre on July 25th, 2016!

There are several opportunities for you to support the creation of a professional theater on the island, from purchasing a brick or seat in the theater, to purchasing the naming rights of a number of key spaces within the campus, including the box office, the courtyard, the auditorium and stage and the new building itself.

Contact us to talk about it!

  • Construction: The Andersen Company, LLC

  • Architecture: Workshop/APD

  • Landscaping: Ahern, LLC

Please Give


Ticket sales are only a small part of the revenue needed to produce world-class theater on Nantucket and bring new, important works to life. Please support White Heron with your tax deductible gift today.



Please Give

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